I have always been fascinated by elephants   Their size and beauty.  Their instincts to survive and protect. Their ability to feel and grieve.  As a therapist I think they could teach us a thing or two about LIFE.

BE BOLD DEFY FEAR  Find out who you are.  Learn to let go of pain.  Learn to choose peace because to have peace you need to be peace.


Maureen D Gerwitz LCSW-R

1876 Niagara Falls Boulevard #101

Tonawanda NY 14150-6439


LIVING WITH HARMONY:  Most people want this. Most people strive for this.  It incorporates so much and means  many different things to different people.  Which means there are many different, GLORIOUS ways to achieve it.  Mainly, it must START WITH OURSELVES.  Our internal sense of center - that internal space of existing that involves really feeling who we are, what we are, accepting how we became, and allowing ourselves to be.

Thats where therapy can be helpful.  To learn techniques to just sit with yourself in a SAFE environment, while you become more comfortable with the internal YOU:   Learning new ways to  break chains  that have been binding yourself shut, and finding the YOU in there, who was ALWAYS THERE, before life experiences taught you to shutdown, quiet down, numb yourself, run from yourself, hide, or become a false face to the world.  These can and will WAKE UP your very soul and take back the  part of your life previously held hostage by old pain and open your heart to the life you are supposed TO BE living.

Blessings in Peace