Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

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My Expertise

I have been working in this field for more than 30 years, gaining insight from clients as much as clients have learned from myself.  That's the gift of this profession -it is an ongoing honor to be invited into a person's pain, help to break chains that have held one unnecessarily tethered, watch one emerge from their hiding places, and step onto a new path - only one with awareness and choice.

People have different issues and different problems.  Some have mental health concerns, others have relationship/marital/family issues.  I also help those with life-transitions, grief and loss, anxiety/OCD and depression, problems with social skills or social cues, trauma-related concerns, spiritual /faith struggles,  caregiver concerns, transgender-related concerns, sexual preference related family struggles, parental struggles of faith/ moving forward  with children's differences of sexual identity, and many other issues.

My office is bright and colorful; but not overwhelming.  When I moved recently, I asked clients to make suggestions of what would feel safe and comfortable during sessions.  So I like to think that this  became a work of art and beauty representative of the minds and hearts of those who trust it as a place to explore, express, and heal. 

As I continue to grow in comfort in my new digs; my office environment moves along on its own path of evolution.   Each person who marks their own path along their healing or  problem-solving journey seems to take with them what they need; yet leave behind something beautiful .    

STAND OUT:  Try Something Different

I utilize different options and techniques for helping different people with different problems.   No problem is too big once you find the right person to help you explore it and find ways to solve it.  Life is dynamic and changing;  about moving forward.   About learning to stand on your own and stand up for yourself.

You Must Do The Thing You Fear THE MOST

- Eleanor Roosevelt